Denver Family Portrait Photography

Posing: Tips and How-To

A pose is more than just a pose; many think it should exemplify a person’s personality, however I find it hard to bottle someone’s personality in that way….that’s why I don’t use posing much.  Poses do come in handy for people who are awkward or self-conscious in front of the camera (as most people are), it gives them a starting point to ease the camera ham outta them.

There are a million poses (maybe more) out there, but using these tips can help you to create your own or coax your subject into a more camera-friendly position when shooting:

1. Hands:

  • Girl’s fingers should be long and elegant.
  • Guys should have hands lightly fisted (like they are holding a small rock).

 2. Feet:

  •  Feet hip width apart will give a look of strength
  • Feet at different angles or heights (on a step, chair etc) will give better “balance” to depth.

 3. Arms

  •  Elbows bent express a comfortable casualness.
  • Arms straight give a feeling of formality and often stiffness (to be used with much caution)

 4. Head / Chin

  • Head tipped back slightly will generally give an attitude of “punk” (especially for guys, think, “bring it on”)
  • Head tipped back to the “high” shoulder will feel fun and flirty
  • Head down toward the “low” shoulder can express power or position (especially when shooting up at the subject).

5. Legs

  • Legs spread hip width apart while standing will give an air of strength.
  • Generally while standing, one leg should hold the body weight; the other leg can be bent, or extended behind like a graceful dancer

 6. Shoulders

  • Should be on different “planes” (i.e. one slightly higher or lower than the other)
  • Shoulders square on will express a strong attitude.

 7. Joints

  •  One rule: If it bends, bend it. This goes for elbows, knees, wrists, etc.

 8. Hips

  •  Girls who stand with hips tilted forward will appear more slender

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