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Thanks for stopping by!  Kick your shoes off & stay a while…….

This bl0g was started as a way to communicate with fans, cohorts and clients of Trademark Photos by Tami McKenney.  I will post announcements, ideas, pointers, promotions, contests and general all around “deets” on what is going on with photography, my life, and everything in general.  I’m also part of the Facebook & Twitter (@tmckenney) communities – so please leave some love on my pages 🙂

In January 2011, I decided to start a blog for my Project: 365.  Most of what you will see on this blog through January 2012 will be new posts, made daily, on this personal mission of mine.  At this point, you may be asking, “why start a 365 photo project?”  The answer is quite simple: to record not only daily and life-changing events in my life, the life of my family and those associated with me, but to practice and fine-tune my love of photography; with practice each and every day, I’m bound to improve upon my skills (and everyone can improve at something!).

I look forward to seeing your comments and hope you’ll follow my journey through the life of the project.  If there are stories you’d like to share, ideas you’d like to see posted about or any suggestions at all – please let me know!

TTFN! (Ta-Ta for now!)  ❤


Project: 365 Slideshow



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