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Fun Holiday Portrait Ideas

It seems like every year, at about this time, we all start to wonder what we are going to put on our Holiday Cards that get sent out to family and friends….and then panic because we realize we haven’t even had a portrait done this year! Most families will just resort to a snapshot photo from earlier in the year or a vacation taken, but these often result in a unimpressive card that doesn’t mean as much to everyone else as it does to you; this is why family portraits this time of year are HIGHLY recommended!

Family portraits taken in the fall or just before the Holidays offer friends and family and updated glimpse at your most recent looks and the ever-changing faces of your little ones (who seem to grow faster every day!)

Being a mom of two and a photographer, I decided to put together a nice little list of fun Holiday/Seasonal shots that any photographer should be able to pull of….however, you might be able to do these yourself (as I have) if you have a little photo talent, a tripod and a timer or remote activated shutter on your camera. I work with a Canon 30D SLR camera most of the time, however the camera and lens vary from job to job.

Location options:

  1. There’s the tried and true indoor/studio backdrop version that most of us typically equate with Olan Mills, JC Penny Portrait Studios or other company.  If you don’t have the money for a canvas drop, many people will push towards the digital backdrop (I’m not a fan because it is really easy to make these look bad if not post-processed correctly).  The nice part about digital backdrops is the ability to reuse the same pose on many backgrounds (see this link for example).
  2. There’s the outdoor/on-location image that I am particularly fond of if the weather is bearable and the scenery is nice (brick buildings, barns, trees, fences and parks work well)
  3. And the most viable option for someone shooting on a budget without a scenic location nearby is the Christmas Tree, the fireplace with stalkings hung or other familiar holiday decor in your home.  Since I am a lifestyle type photographer, I often shoot images like this as well (think girl lighting the menorah with a darkened room behind her…)

Posing ideas (click image to visit source domain & photo credit):

  1. In front of a big Christmas Tree (indoors or outdoors) dressed in holiday colors                             
  2. Lighting a Menorah with a darkened room behind (expose for light on face, not background)              
  3. Playing in the snow/ building a snowman                       
  4. Baby in a pile of wrapping paper     
  5. Hanging ornaments on the Christmas Tree    
  6. Ice Skating at an outdoor skating rink                
  7. Hanging the stalkings on the mantle                      
  8. With or as Santa Claus (you’ll need a Santa suit or at least the hat for this one)                                         

Well, that should be enough to either get you started or to get inspired!  What fun ideas have you come up with? Please comment below!